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Swimming is mentally stimulating.
Do you know how much you actually have to think about what you are doing? You have to stay on the surface of the water and keep your arms and legs moving at the same time. Your body has to multi-task just to get you across the pool!

It harmonizes the mind and emotions. Research has shown that it reduces anxiety and depression. Swimming releases the feel-good hormones specifically serotine. People who swim regularly show less tendencies toward depression, tension, and anger.
It puts a physical demand on the body. It will work every muscle in your body at one time. It will require your heart and lungs to work harder and more efficiently.You will find you're more tired (a good tired) at first but as you get stronger you will be able to do longer and more intense workouts.

It’s a social sport. Small groups allow for interaction time between participants. Swimmers can buddy swim with their friends, in age or skill groups.


Swimming is like an unscripted play or a blank canvas yet to be painted on. Each client is as unique as their thumbprint so their learning will be as well. As your swim specialist, trainer and coach, I will teach you certain skills and have workouts I will loosely follow. Yet, It is you, the client that determines what we will do in each session.

Swimming is a low-impact sport that provides great benefit for those suffering with joint, muscle, heart, or weight issues. In my classes, whether we are working privately (one-on-one) or in a small group (max 2-4) people, I will listen, observe, demonstrate and swim with you. We will course correct as needed during each session based on things you feel and things I see. It’s never a linear process. Most importantly we will have fun. If you are currently under active care for a health condition, I will work with your physician to design a complementary program for you.

Work With Me

Below I have listed several ways that we can work together and the coaching programs I offer. I prefer to view my role as a nurturer, facilitator and encourager of a journey of change you have decided to embark on. It will be a process and willingness to trust the process is vitally important. I take my role very seriously and I expect my clients to do the same. If you are ready to get started, please fill out the following coaching questionnaire. It is short and should take less than 5-10 minutes to fill out.

Weight Loss The weight loss aqua fitness program is about overall lifestyle and behavior change. Carrying extra weight for a long period of time can and will eventually damage the body, mind, and soul. The body will lose flexibility, muscles will become weak, and breathing will become difficult. In this program we will take a holistic and long term approach to restoring your health.

Cardio/Endurance Swimming works every muscle in your body including your heart! If you are out of shape or are used to land based exercises, you have likely experienced that feeling of dying on the first lap! Have no fear! You can become a strong swimmer with practice and consistent work.
Fear/Trauma Fear of swimming can get embedded in the deep recesses of the mind and create havoc. It can hinder someone from spending time and making memories at the pool or beach with their friends and family. In swimming, many fears revolve around someone putting their face in the water and not being able to breath. This fear can be overcome!

Relaxation Back floating, a foundational skill in learning how to swim is actually one of the best meditative exercises you can do. Other forms of therapy include WATSU which is gentle massage accompanied by rhythmic movements as the client is completely supported while being cradled, rocked and stretched.  


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