Music and Frequencies of Healing

Sound has been utilized in various cultures as a tool for healing for many years.  We each carry a vibrational frequency and resonance.  Both positivity and negativity have a certain frequency.  Shifts in our brainwaves happen by entrainment  essentially tuning our brain to a certain frequency.  A Sound Healing session is both a passive and participatory experience.

I believe in sound healing and its power to heal us from trauma. I saw WholeTones pop up as a sponsored post on Facebook and gave it a look. Some beautiful music here. If you are new to musical frequencies, I have also included a quick link to an explanation of them.

When I first started my healing journey, I looked for songs that were soothing to my soul and would help me gently focus.  I was first wary because I had heard the word “new age” thrown around.  Unfortunately, that title does a disservice to the value and beauty of these songs.

Check out the Sound Healing page for a list of my favorites, especially Reiki Offering.  They are also listed in the shop as affiliate products for the iTunes store.  I wanted to include the iTunes album widget but it no longer loads in Google Chrome.  I hope you enjoy them.