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Fear of swimming can get embedded in the deep recesses of the mind and create havoc. It can hinder someone from spending time and making memories at the pool or beach with their friends and family. In swimming, many fears revolve around someone putting their face in the water and not being able to breath. This fear can be overcome!


  • We will work together once a week for 30 minutes.
  • We will incorporate intentional play (beach balls, noodles, rings, kick boards)
  • We will move slowly and methodically addressing each fear trigger (i.e. deep water)
  • You will learn to blow bubbles and bob up/down until you can repeatedly go under water without feeling afraid. Soon enough you will want to dive down to the bottom of the shallow end pick up rings and come back up!
  • You will learn how to tread water, jump from the side and eventually swim freestyle
  • You will have fun and learn that a pool is just a big bath tub to play in






Please note:
Memberships are minimum six months in duration. Pool length (18 yds, 25 yds, 25 meters, or 50 meters) may change based on availability.



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