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The After Thought of Adult Swim

The After Thought of Adult Swim

As a lifelong swimmer who has swam both on a recreational level and competitively, I hold strongly to the belief that swimming is much more than competitions, times and athletic achievements.  Simultaneously and in the same breath, swimming can stimulate the mind and harmonize the emotions, build cardiovascular endurance and encourage social relationships.

Yet, most swimming programs are built for kids.  Adults and Seniors (30-60) are typically left to fend for themselves.  Ok, yes, I am fully aware that many swim programs offer adult classes.  I have taught them both group and private.  Yet, there is no real plan for an adult or senior.  Classes are also limited to 30 min increments.  That means, an adult if they buy a four-session pack (usually recommended) would have to pay anywhere between $200-240.00 dollars per month.  That would buy you a total of 2 hours with your instructor.  That is not a lot of time.

Unless you are superman or superwoman, the body and brain needs time to adjust to new movements, new frames of reference, and establish new muscle memory.  In swimming, most movement is horizontal versus vertical.  Individuals who have bad posture, dense muscle mass (i.e. weight lifters), or have low endurance have to work extra hard and extra-long to become proficient swimmers.  Not to mention those who are afraid simply because they do not understand how to relax, move their body and breathe while in the water.

Also, adult programs within swim schools are not aimed at working with clients over a long period of time.   So, if a prospective client has heard about the value of swimming for weight loss, there is no program plan for them to sign up for or engage in.  They book the individual lesson, their credit card gets charged, and they are assigned an instructor.  Most often a teen, and part-timer who may or may not understand the needs of an adult.

Now it remains up to the instructor to “figure out” what the client needs.  They will also be swimming during peak programming times as most programs do not have instructors available in off-peak times when the pool is quiet and distraction free.  Now, this can vary from program to program but overall it seems to be the norm.

That is where working with me is different.  I specialize in working with adults and active seniors.  My programs were designed to reduce overall cost, allow for more time between me and you (the client) and flexibility to design a custom swim program as needed.   We can work online, offline or a mix of both.  It’s all about you.

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