A individual coaching program for women. The program  is broken up into three phases: 1)  Uncover & Discover 2) Innately Aware, and 3) Richness and Radiance. This program is a hybrid blend of online work (via SKYPE, FaceTime, Zoom or Facebook Live) and therapeutic work. Duration can vary based on a person’s individual needs but typically stretches over a three month time period.


Uncover & Discover – Phase 1

It is hard to x something that we do not know is broken. Over four weeks, we collectively work together to identify areas where you feel disconnected, restless, and even lack unity within yourself. We will talk by phone/skype for one hour per week for four weeks with homework. The work we do in this phase will set the ground work for the next one, Innately Aware. Each phase is designed to build a solid communication channel and relationship of trust. Receptivity to change only comes when we trust the process and the one who is leading us through the process of change.

Innately Aware – Phase 2

We will begin by reviewing our work from the Uncover and Discover phase and begin to apply therapeutic treatments once a week. This will be the hardest and most intense part of the healing process but also the most rewarding. Therapeutic sessions can/will utilize multiple healing tools such as Aromatherapy, Reiki, Quantum Nutrition, and Aqua Therapy. We will also address any new issues that may arise as a result of any therapeutic work. It is not uncommon to work on one area, such as spiritual connection and have an counter reaction in another area such as the emotions. It is normal. Everything is connected.

Richness & Radiance – Phase 3

As a result of the inner work done in the previous program, Innately Aware, an individual will have found their inner voice and connected/reconnected to their inner core. The client is now supported in walking in his/her authentic self and sharing her story with others.


Survival & Stability


Week 1: Module 1 – Survival & Stability
Week 2: Discussion (Live Q & A)

In this module, we will cover what it means to be rooted and grounded. We will discuss why daily, exposure to nature improves our connectedness to who we are and what our life purpose is. We will also look at how being ungrounded shows up in our physical bodies, our emotions in our work and careers. Grounding exercises and tips will be shared.

Emotional Balance


Week 3: Module 2- Emotional Balance
Week 4: Discussion (Live Q & A)

The human body and mind has a powerful non-vocal language and it will speak when you are finally ready to listen. Each of our organs carries an associated emotion.  We will discuss fear, grief, depression, worry/nervousness, anger/frustration, anxiety and happiness/joy. We will explore whole person techniques and therapeutic tools to improve our emotional balance.

Renewed Thinking


Week 5: Module 3– Renewed Thinking
Week 6: Discussion (Live Q & A)

We will examine positive and negative mental models, self-talk and how our thoughts and words are causing our overall health to improve or decline. We will talk about RNA and the Transcript Enzyme, memories, and stored trauma. Exercises and therapeutic tools will be shared to help identify where we have mentally disconnected and how to mentally re-engage.

Authentic Identity


Week 7: Module 4- Authentic Identity
Week 8: Discussion (Live Q & A)

An individual’s personal identity can only be given to them by God. We are made in his image. Violation of our personal worth and value through unsolicited opinions, misaligned perceptions and comparisons by others can skew our view of who we really are.Healthy self-love is required to emerge into our authenticity. We will begin to implement tools we have learned in previous modules as well as learn new ones.

Spiritual Connection


Week 9: Module 4- Spiritual Connection
Week 10: Discussion (Live Q & A)

We need community that we can fellowship with, grow with and be supported by.  We will talk about what a healthy spiritual community looks like and topics related to fully integrating into a faith based community.  The word “church” can take on so many different meanings. Social interaction is so important to living a balanced life. We need people and people need us. Raw, uncut, and authentic.

Course Materials & Delivery Format

Pre-recorded lesson videos
Live Q & A
Private Facebook Group
Books & Recommended Resources