Kick your baseline fitness into gear with coached sessions that help you progress, no matter where you start. Together with a team of 6 to 20 participants, you’ll tackle a series of 3 workouts per week, focused on functional movements that increase strength, build endurance and improve flexibility.

Aqua Zen

Aqua Zen is an instructor led float based stress reduction class.  Floating positions will include front and back float both assisted (with noodles) and unassisted (without noodles).

Proper inhalation and exhalation will be emphasized in order to encourage total mind & body relaxation. Floating has proven beneficial for lowering stress, reduces physical pain, and improving mental awareness,

Cardio Training

The cardio training program will teach you how to use swimming aids for workout variation, learn how to read a pace clock for interval training, and incorporate drills, sprints and distance work for optimum training,

improve lean muscle mass and cardiovascular endurance. Video analysis will be utilized to assess weaknesses in swimming form, posture, line and balance.

Core Balance – Noodle Work

Come splash around with an ultra-effective body toning tool – pool noodles.  You will discover how to use the buoyancy of a pool noodle to strengthen your arms, legs, glutei, chest, core, back and shoulders.

Low impact for those that have trouble with land based resistance exercises. We will mix in fun cardio too including aqua walking and jogging.