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Adult Swimming

The After Thought of Adult Swim

The After Thought of Adult Swim

As a lifelong swimmer who has swam both on a recreational level and competitively, I hold strongly to the belief that swimming is much more than competitions, times and athletic achievements.  Simultaneously and in the same breath, swimming can stimulate the mind and harmonize the emotions, build cardiovascular endurance and encourage social relationships.

Yet, most swimming programs are built for kids.  Adults and Seniors (30-60) are typically left to fend for themselves.  Ok, yes, I am fully aware that many swim programs offer adult classes.  I have taught them both group and private.  Yet, there is no real plan for an adult or senior.  Classes are also limited to 30 min increments.  That means, an adult if they buy a four-session pack (usually recommended) would have to pay anywhere between $200-240.00 dollars per month.  That would buy you a total of 2 hours with your instructor.  That is not a lot of time.

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