The Adult Swim Only Program is the place where you can, as an adult, learn to swim and swim well! Through a holistic approach, you will be empowered to confront and overcome the oppressive, psychological monster of fear, learn to love the water and change your life forever.

To the fearful, non-swimmer, to those that once learned how to swim and then suffered a traumatic experience, to those that have tried fruitlessly to learn to swim by taking “swim lessons” –
Are you ready to learn to swim well? Are you tired of sitting on the side at social gatherings, your lack of swimming skill becoming a social handicap? Are you longing to splash around with the kids and grandkids in your neighborhood pool or at the beach? Do you want to finally feel “water safe?” Have you experienced an injury and your doctor has “prescribed” water exercise but you do not know how to swim?
Isn’t it time that you confront that oppressive monster of fear? Isn’t it time to feel safe, confident, and empowered in and around water at the pool, beach, river or lake?
Let’s face it. There are countless swim programs available, however, most of the progressive swim programs are centered on kids interested in joining a swim team. Bottom line, adult non-swimmers are often an afterthought. None of these programs spend time confronting the adult non-swimmers fear, or give the body and brain time to develop new memory before introducing the mechanics of competitive swim strokes. One of the best learning tools, a pool noodle, is rarely or improperly utilized in traditional swim lessons. Add, rigidity in scheduling, inconsistent instruction, crowded pools, and your options become even more limited. Do you feel that way?
It typically takes 20-40 (30) thirty minute sessions for an adult non-swimmer to learn to swim well. Put into hours that is between 10 and 20 hours. The time goes up if someone is seeking to overcome an embedded fear. Quick math and I am no math genius, tells me someone could spend between $1200 and $2400 to learn to swim. That is a lot of change! If it was me, I would want to work with someone that specialized in adults, customized a program just for me and could guarantee I would get results.
I have been a lifelong swimmer and love the water. It is a place of comfort, support and healing for me. It can be for you too. After many years in corporate, I returned to the water after experiencing a traumatic experience of my own. This traumatic event made me confront my own embedded fears.
As part of my personal healing process, I went to work for a local fitness facility as an aquatics (swim) instructor and witnessed first hand adults and children challenging that oppressive monster of fear and learning to swim well. I have over 1000 hours of in-water coaching, mainly in private one-on-one settings. All my clients have either reached or exceeded their goals. Saying, “yes” is the hardest part, getting to the pool is the next hardest. Once you have done that, you have already conquered half the battle.


When I found Manning on the Internet, I had taken swim lessons several times before but never learned to swim. I was at the point that I did not think that I could ever learn.During our first conversation, she won me over and convinced me that this time would be different. She was right! Manning was not just a teacher. She was my helper.

She literally held my hand at times and step-by-step helped me to develop the confidence that I needed. Read More



Swimming Muscularture: Muscles used in swimming
Body Awareness: How to RELAX and avoid creating tension in the body
Body Awareness: How to “reset” the brain for optimum learning
• Body Awareness: Posture, line and balance (PLB)
• Body Balance Noodle exercises
Breathing: Proper inhalation & exhalation (conscious breathing)
Breathing: How to breathe from the diaphragm (deep, slow breaths)
Breathing: Why the legs sink and why incorrect breathing has a lot do with it
• Breathing: Rotary & Rhythmic Breathing


Floating: Front float, back float
• Streamline: Front back, side roll
• Stroke:Freestyle
Kicking: Flutter kick, dolphin kick
Introduction to Yardage: Swim short distances in correct swimming form
Calisthenics: Lunges, Squsts, Leg Llifts, Stretches
Cardio (Aerobic) Water jogging, water walking


Sign Up [Step 1:]:
This starts the process. Once you sign up, I will get notified and we get you setup for your consultation. It’s a big decision for sure, but it will definitely make you a stronger and more efficient swimmer.

Consultation [Step 2]:
We will talk about your fitness goals, fitness history, current health goals, health limitations. I want to fully understand your “why” for deciding to engage in a swim training program.

Begin Training [Step 3]:
This is where we will workout (no pun intended) the plan we have put together. This will be in-water time, check-ins, and stroke analysis. Don’t worry we will course correct as needed.

Are YOU ready to end the social handicap and confront that oppressive monster of fear that will pave the way for unlimited trips to the beach, pool, lake and river?


When you register, your spot will be reserved for the session you have registered for. You will also lock in your price if you decide to purchase additional sessions. You may cancel your registration within three days of your payment date and receive a refund. After three days, no refund will be issued. Spots are limited for each of the in-water training sessions. If you are serious about challenging that oppressive fear and learning to swim well, then register today.